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7 thoughts on “ Joue Notre Chanson - BKR - Hair Dry Stories

  1. So I go back in with a smile to look for a coat that totally messes up my outfit – nails undone, hair windblown, with a big smile for the mailman, and I let my fiancé sleep in. I bring breakfast to the Studio instead of lamenting over my dry bread and well, life’s just amazing the .
  2. Le site le plus complet de Paroles de Chansons et de leur Traduction! Lisez les Paroles tout en écoutant la Musique.
  3. I have a friend whose name is Bobbie. Bobbie loves sex. What she loves most of all is to have a big cock cumming inside of her. Whenever I get together with Bobbie she is always soaking wet and ready to fuck.
  4. A/N: This has the same premise as HBG and KG with Percy being the main character and him being with all the girls/women in his world. All M stories. Each one will be a one shot unless it says otherwise. I also want to thank Crossoverpairinglover for giving me this idea to begin with. Warning this is an M rated story Chapter 1: Annabeth Chase.
  5. Je tiens seulement à préciser que je n'ai jamais pu savoir ni deviner de facon satisfante comment la surprise des Kinders se retrouve à l'intérieur. Dingue. Ouai la question est inutile, puisque comme chacun sais un kinder est formé de deux coques que l'on soude autour de la suprise.
  6. This is our first real short film, we hope from the bottom of the heart that you like it. Try to watch it calmly, with a good sound, and if possible in the dark, to optimize the viewing.
  7. Écoute cette chanson des 5 gentlemen, groupe cultes des 60's. Écoute la ne serais ce pour la poésie et l' amour qui s'en dégage. Un régal. Je posterai un jour peut être d'autres morceaux de ce groupe malheureusement trop peu connu.

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