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8 thoughts on “ Kill The Switch - Circle Takes The Square - As The Roots Undo

  1. Jan 06,  · Kill The Switch Lyrics. Mouth the words to deny, deny the symptoms. As in 'oh yeah I'm doing fine'. As I've found a most endearing psychosis. Somewhere out there there's a thrill I swear. Desperate as I am I just can't strip bare and bleed the only purity I've known. But I lay with reason. Found logic conceived in a walk with skin.
  2. Kill The Switch 8. A Crater to Cough In As The Roots Undo opens with a shout of truth: "Rejoice, rejoice, a noble birth!" This trio from Savannah, Georgia, makes torrid, complex scream-ola on this astounding full-length debut, charging its Napalm Death-style time swerves and Fugazi-like guitar meat with a rare, heated male-female vocal attack that puts the X in emo.
  3. Jan 18,  · circle takes takes the square portrait of karma roots undo kill the switch male female shade as concrete love with the band interview at the ruins non-objective portrait listen to the whole lyrics screamo hardcore vocals guys musical poetic albums balance/5(19).

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