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6 thoughts on “ In The Mind Of Sara - The Giants (14) - Golden Low Resolution E.P.

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  2. Nov 05,  · In the Philippines, not all giants are intrinsically evil, although they are still truly a force to be reckoned alsarilsaithforius.infoinfo story of the giant, Gisurab, from the Isneg tribes proves that even a colossal being is capable of showing kindness. In the story, Gisurab was visited by hunters in the wilderness to ask for fire. The giant provides the fire for the hunters so that they may use it to cook Author: Daniel De Guzman.
  3. Jan 09,  · Giants may be legendary, mythological beings, but they aren't so far fetched. Real individuals exist of equally amazing size and strength. Get ready to be amazed by these Top 10 Real Life Giants.
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