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Sowulo - Vettius Valens - The Sun That Fade

6 thoughts on “ Sowulo - Vettius Valens - The Sun That Fade

  1. Nov 17,  · Vettius Valens and Abu Ma’shar are certainly my two favorite astrologers. I love all of them, I enjoy reading and studying Schoener, Montulmo, Morin and etc., they are all great; but these two are special and it seems that there is something in their techniques which is so powerful.
  2. Vettius Valens (February 8, – c. ) was a 2nd-century Hellenistic astrologer, a somewhat younger contemporary of Claudius Ptolemy. Valens' major work is the Anthology (Latin: Anthologia), ten volumes in Greek written roughly within the period to
  3. However, Valens does say to inspect the trigon lords of the light of the time, which is to look for the trigon lords of the Moon because it is a nocturnal chart. Because the Moon was in Capricorn, the trigon lords are the Moon, Venus and then Mars in that order.
  4. A close reading of Mark Riley's translation of Vettius Valens Anthologies, with the assumption that the chart of February 9, AD (which appears numerous times in the book) is that of Valens himself, then in Book 7, under shipwreck sailor no. 2, Valens gives his klima as 7, which is the north shore of the Black Sea, presumably in one of the Greek colonies.
  5. Vettius Valens was a Roman astrologer who was conceived on May 13, CE, and born on February 8, in the city of Antioch, which is now modern day Antakya, Turkey. Today Valens is known for his encyclopedic 9 book astrological textbook the Anthology (Ἀνθολογίαι).
  6. – Egyptian terms or bounds (Vettius Valens) (irregular divisions of the Signs, ruled by the 5 classical planets of antiquity) – Planets of the Solar System (in the natal version). -Summary Delineation of the Astrological Natal chart.

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